Events & Workshops

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) invites all Liebe Group members and sponsors to nominate and elect committee members for the coming year.

The 2018 AGM will held on Thursday the 15th of February at the new Liebe Group Office.

Crop Updates and Trials Review Day

The Liebe Group hosts an annual forum to link growers with industry representatives, allowing members to obtain first-hand detail around local trials and research. This day is generally held in February of each year.

Crop Updates and Trials Review Day will be held on Wednesday 7th March 2018 with location to be confirmed.


Women’s Field Day

The Liebe Group Women’s Field Day was created to build the management capacity of rural women to make a difference to their family, farm business and the agricultural industry. Usually held at the end of June or early July each year it is a great day for learning and networking.

The 2018 Women’s Field Day will be held on Tuesday 19th June 2018 at the Dalwallinu Recreation Center.


Post Seeding Field Walk + Beer n Burger Night

The Post Seeding Field Walk is an annual members-only event that provides a comprehensive overview of the trials being conducted at the Main Trial Site for the season, including trial research progress and predictions. The Beer n Burger Sundowner follows on with great networking and social opportunities for growers and industry.

The 2018 Post Seeding Field Walk will be held on Wednesday 18th July 2018, at the McCreery Family property in Kalannie.


Spring Field Day

The Spring Field Day is an interactive field day that showcases the latest local research and development, which has been coordinated on one convenient location at the Liebe Group Main Trial Site. This Main Trial Site is rotated annually to different farming properties in the Liebe area.

The 2018 Spring Field Day will be held on Thursday 13th September 2018 at the McCreery Family property in Kalannie.


Annual Liebe Dinner

The Liebe Group Annual Dinner is held in August each year. It is an opportunity for Liebe members and partners to come together to celebrate the achievements of the group throughout the year.

More information on the 2018 Annual Dinner will be made available at a later date so watch this space!


The Liebe Group holds a number of skills workshops throughout the year, designed to increase grower capacity in areas such as financial, agronomic, management and personal development.

Make sure to keep checking our calendar for upcoming workshops.


Field Walks

The Liebe Group organises multiple field walks throughout the year to visit trials and farmer demonstrations that are of interest to local members.

Make sure to keep checking out calendar for upcoming field walks.

Grower Tours

The Liebe Group provides the opportunity to visit other farming regions on organised farmer study tours. These tours provide insight into alternate farming systems to bring back innovative ideas to your family farm.

Please contact the office on 9661 0570 to express your interest in being involved in any upcoming grower tours.

The Liebe Group conducts these events every year; more information on each event is available closer to the commencement date under the Upcoming Events Page.

Upcoming Events

See the all upcoming Liebe Group Events please head over to our Events Calendar page.

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