Burning Season

What to do when you have a fire get away

If you have a situation where you have a fire get out of control you should:

  • Do Not Panic!
  • Call ‘000’. Remember to give accurate directions (nearest crossroads etc) and a contact number if possible (to allow us to verify details with you).  There can be more than one call about the fire   from more than one source and these can be confusing at times.
  • In the Dalwallinu Shire this will result in FESA communications ringing Gary Butcher (Chief Bushfire Control Officer) or the Shire to coordinate mobilisation of resources.
  • We will then mobilise one (or more) of the Bushfire Trucks nearest to your location (Dalwallinu, Wubin, Buntine or Kalannie) and arrange for farmers to respond in your area. We are also able to get assistance from the Fire and Rescue Units based in Dalwallinu.
  • Of course, ring your neighbours to give immediate assistance, but this is not always possible in the heat of the moment.

Other Shires may have different levels of FESA supplied equipment but the ‘000’ system operates to get local help in your area to the fire as quickly as possible.

We would rather turn out to a fire that is still small or turn back if the locals have control early than you wait too long before calling for help and it becoming bigger due to lack of resources or slow response time.

If fighting a fire you should ALWAYS use protective pants and coat that can be supplied by your local Government (paid for by your FESA levy). Sturdy boots are a must (No thongs or shorts).

Have a safe burning season and contact your local Government office for more local information.

Gary Butcher (CBFCO)
Dalwallinu Shire

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