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Farm Advisory Board

Would you like to know more about implementing a Farm Advisory Board into your farming business?

Come and listen to Erin Green at this year’s Women’s Field Day speaking on her experience in starting a Farm Advisory Board, the benefits, how it has impacted their business and how to select the right people for the board. Click here to see what other great speakers will be presenting.

Women’s Field Day Guest Speaker

Lucinda Giblett, Stellar Violets

‘Bringing our creative gifts home: health, heart and the holistic landscape’

Lucinda’s passion is creating healthy, vibrant people, communities and landscapes, where life can flourish, like a garden.

Lucinda’s gift is putting into words universal truths, and making it personal, just for you. Come and be inspired by Lucinda, WA Runner-up Rural Woman of the year in 2012, as she shares ways of creating new grounds for dreams and ways towards healthy, sustainable living in the 21st Century .

What’s beyond our backyard that we’re yet to explore?

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