Everything from wild dogs to wild radish at Spring Field Day

The Liebe Group Spring Field Day was held on the 13th September on the Mills property east of Dalwallinu with around 230 people attending making the day a huge success.

Although the site had received only 115mm since April the trials looked great with some good visual differences between treatments. There were 16 trials on the site complemented by 10 different marquee presentations, offering something to appeal to everyone.

Amongst the attendees were the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) Western Panel members with Jan Edwards giving a brief overview of what GRDC are up to and how their spring tour was progressing.

The initiation of a Livestock tent provided some more information for sheep breeders and an insight into how real the wild dog problem is becoming. Simon Kniveton from DAFWA discussed the increasing problem with farmers around Goodlands district losing 377 sheep this year. A further 137 sheep have been killed in the Perenjori shire with sightings of dogs becoming increasingly common from Morawa down to Koorda.

The day finished up with Glenn Mitchell capturing the crowd, his delivery of such a serious topic was excellent and had everyone laughing throughout. It left attendees with an important message, to look out for yourself and your mates particularly for signs of mental illness.Liebe Spring Field day

This day’s success is due to all the help and input the Liebe staff received from the group’s members and all other helpers.

A huge Thank You must go to the Noel, Aaron, Damien and family for the amount of time and effort spent throughout the year to make this event possible and being very helpful and approachable. Many thanks to the R&D and Spring field day 2012 aManagement committee who are ‘the brains’ of the operation and always offer advice and a helping hand.



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