Women of Liebe – Kelsea Pipe

Women of Liebe – Kelsea Pipe

‘Women Of Liebe’ will follow various Liebe members throughout the year to celebrate their background, involvement, goals and aspirations living in the local agricultural region. Welcome to Kelsea Pipe, from Pithara.

We caught up with Kelsea Pipe in April to chat about her involvement in her family farming business in Pithara, alongside her husband Dale Pipe.

What is your background/where did you grow up?
I grew up on my grandparents family farm East of Ballidu until I was 10 years old, we then moved into Wongan Hills where I finished primary school. After that I went to boarding school in Perth for five years and then went onto complete my Bachelor of Commerce at Curtin University. After working in a financial planning firm in Perth for five years I relocated back to the wheatbelt in 2013 to join my now husband on his family farm, just south of Pithara. At this point I established my own financial planning business in Dalwallinu/Wongan Hills which I have been running for the last four years.

What is your role in your farm business?
At the moment I don’t have a huge role in the farm, other than cooking and cleaning for my husband!!! I help do the odd jobs around the farm and help move vehicles around at seeding and harvest time. Down the track my involvement will increase by doing the book work.

What do you enjoy most about living in a rural area?
I love the community aspect of living in a small town. When you go down the street you always run into someone for a chat and everyone is willing to help each other out. We are really lucky in Dally to have such a great group of people of all ages who contribute to the community in various ways to make Dally the great town it is. I also love all of the space, nature and peacefulness that comes with living on a farm!

What is your involvement in the Liebe Group?
My main involvement in the Liebe Group is my involvement in the Women’s Committee, which involves helping organise and coordinate the Liebe Women’s Field Day. I have been a member of this committee for three years and have really loved working with different ladies on the committee and helping put together such a great event. I have also presented at a couple of Liebe events on various financial topics.

What have you gained through the Liebe Group?
For me, the networking aspect of Liebe is what I enjoy the most. Liebe provides a forum for like minded people to gather together and chat about different aspects of their farms and lives to try and better what they do and learn from each other. Being able to openly communicate with other people who are in a similar situation to you makes you realise you aren’t alone, it also provides a great opportunity to further your knowledge and challenges your way of thinking, which is great.

Who or what inspires you?
Accomplishment is a big thing that inspires me, achieving goals you have set and seeing others succeed in what they do motivates me to set new goals and inspires me to move onto the next opportunity or challenge that life brings with open eyes and a new level of energy.

What are your life goals/aspiration?
To be happy and live a healthy, well balanced life surrounded by great family and friends. To be successful and always give things a go so I can look back with no regrets and know that I’ve always given things my best shot.

Thank you for catching up with us Kelsea!

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