The Liebe Group provides members and the wider community with many resources and materials. Click below to for further information.

Research and Development Book

The Annual R&D Book is a comprehensive compilation of the majority of research activities conducted within the Liebe area. This book is published in February each year. This book is currently only available to Liebe Group members and partners.

Liebe Group Newsletter

The Liebe Group Monthly Newsletter is a targeted, non-commercial newsletter, tailored with technical information, relevant articles and important dates for Liebe Group members. The newsletter has 9 editions published each year.

Trial Reports

The Liebe Group publishes trial reports that results from trials which were funded through public funding such as GRDC. Liebe members have access to a more comprehensive range of trial results such as profit of low input farming systems, variety demonstrations and new herbicide products in the Research & Development book


The Liebe Group produces videos on relevant topics to benefit local growers. These videos can also be found on The Liebe Group Youtube Channel.

Lime Profit Calculator

The Liebe Group, along with Rob Sands, Farmanco, have developed an excel based lime profit calculator that can determine amount of lime required to change pH, cashflow and profit of different liming programs over 10 years, payback period, initial rate of return and net present value for your liming requirements. The calculator’s complexity reflex the complex nature of soil science and the farm business.

Other Resources

The Liebe Group produces many other publications such as Factsheets, Yield ProphetCase Studies, Spring Field Day Booklets and Technical Grower Practice Audits.  These publications are a great resource of information for the local region.

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