Lime Profit Calculator

The Liebe Group have developed an excel based lime profit calculator that can determine:

  • Amount of lime required to change pH
  • Cashflow and profit of different liming programs over 10 years
  • Payback period
  • Initial rate of return
  • Net present value


Download the calculator and instructions here:


The calculator’s complexity reflects the complex nature of soil science and the farm business.

If you would like assistance with using the tool please contact the Liebe Group on 9661 0570 or Farmanco management consultants.

This calculator was created by Rob Sands of Farmanco as part of a Liebe Group soil health project LIE0006 funded by GRDC and uses research conducted by the Department of Agriculture and Food WA.

This calculator is designed as a guide to aid in decision making and is only as accurate as the information which is put into it.

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