Date: July 2014141124 GRDClogo

It was proposed to send 15 young growers from Liebe Group committees to attend the 2014 Innovation Generation Conference held in Toowoomba, QLD. Innovation Generation is an informative conference aimed at your agricultural people to build their knowledge, confidence and networks within the agricultural industry.

Innovation Generation encourages the development of young farmers who are the future of the grains industry. The Liebe Group have a large number of young and innovative farmers, male and female, heavily involved in the groups committees and events, that have a thirst for increasing their knowledge. The trip was designed to promote innovative thinking amongst the group and generate new research and development ideas which increasing their confidence and capacity of young growers to understand the industry. This will in turn increase their confidence to have influence in the industry and to make a difference.

Learning objectives for participants:
1) Attendees to have better understanding of the agricultural industry and the supply chain in Australia.
2) Attendees to improve their understanding of how innovative thinking can be developed into solutions for sustainability.
3) Attendees will recognise the importance of strategic thinking, including the fostering of innovation and progression.
4) Attendees will have improved their skills in facilitation, information capture and give them the skills and confidence to deliver to an audience.


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