ALOSCA technologies have a couple of  new legume inoculant products they would like to broad acre test within the Liebe area this season.

The products have a  broad crop and pasture legume species fit, however the lupin market will of course be ALOSCA’s primary target. They are looking for a nodulation and subsequent seed  yield and quality response in lupin wheat rotation. ALOSCA believe that this product has the potential to improve N fixation beyond that which the naturalised background strains will deliver. The product can only  be seed applied via slurry application at this point and for the purposes of the trial /demonstration it should ideally be sown to reasonable moisture as the current inoculant carriers it is formulated with are not tolerant of dry seeding.

Draft treatment list, all or part of the treatments below could be used depending on resources and farmer’s preparedness to mess around with multiple treatments.

  1. Control (no inoculant  untreated)
  2. Rhizobium inoculant only
  3. New product only (no Rhizobium)
  4. Rhizobium + New product

(Possibly others)

If you are interested in demonstrating the new legume inoculant products, contact the Liebe Office on 9661 0570.

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