The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry recently made an official announcement about successful projects in their carbon farming initiative program. The Liebe Group was successful in obtaining $519,200 worth of grant funding to be spent between now and June 2015.

The project will demonstrate innovative carbon storage and nitrogen management strategies and involves the following activities:

1)    Establishment of a project committee of grower and industry specialists

2)    Continuation of the practice for profit trial to demonstrate the effect of rotation crops on nitrogen strategies and wheat crop production

3)    Minimum of 4 demonstration trials to be developed by the committee focusing on soil amendments.

4)    Demonstration of the new perennial shrub – Tedera (which has been developed on the Liebe Long Term Research Site over the last 5 years)

5)    Benchmarking Program to measure soil carbon levels under different management practices, re-visiting sites tested over 5 years ago through the program.

6)    Extension activities such as field walks, newsletter articles, technical reports.

The Liebe Group also has involvement in two other collaborative projects that were funded through the program.

1)    The University of Western Australia was funded to trial and demonstrates the economics of management practices and innovative strategies to increase soil carbon sequestration on farms across the Western Australian wheatbelt.

2)    The University of Western Australia was also funded to investigate if increasing the amount of carbon stored in the soil will alter emissions of nitrous oxide, affect crop production, or alter the amount of nitrogen fertiliser needed to produce a profitable crop. Understanding how increasing soil carbon effects soil nitrous oxide emissions and crop production will enable us to assess the suitability of soil carbon sequestration for abating greenhouse gas emissions from land. This project will utilize the Liebe Group Soil Biology Trial as a base for the research. This is led by Louise Barton.

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