Since 2006 the Liebe Group has been conducting face to face interviews with growers in the Liebe area in order to track changes in farm practices related to variation management, soil management and innovative enterprise. Where possible the same group of 60 farmers have been interviewed in 2006, 2009 and 2012. Grains Research and Development Corporation have funded the research through Liebe Group projects.

Some of the farm practices surveyed were;

· Autosteer

· Yield mapping

· Variable rate technology

· Soil testing

· Liming

· Deep ripping


The technical audit survey focused on different stages of adoption and drew heavily from theories developed by Pannell et al. (2006). Adoption stages measured in the audit include awareness of the innovation, information collection, small scale testing, scaling up the innovation, review, modification and scaling down or no longer using the innovation if it was unsuitable for the farm enterprise. This research was funded by the Grains Research and Development Corporation.

Summaries of the results are below

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