Commencement Date: October 2014FRRR Logo
Completion Date: November 2014

The grant was used to assist the Liebe Group provide a Myers Briggs workshop for our community to continue to grow in a healthy and dynamic way.

Each year the Liebe Group run a number of workshops as requested by the community, designed to increase capacity to understand, build tolerance, grow respect and develop further opportunities for families and the community. Communication and conflict management have been identified as areas which increase threats to families, organisations and the community if not addressed effectively.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a way of simply understanding the differences in people and their personalities. It is a fun and insightful workshop that changes how we view ourselves and other people. It gives understanding, respect and value to the diversity of personality of personality traits and explains how to bring out the best in people. The benefit of this information flows through from the attendees to families, schools, businesses, organisations and the whole community.

MBTI Workshop

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