Commencement Date: 17th August 2015
Completion Date: 10th September 2015RAC Logo

Project Outline
To arrange for Sam Bailey to present a road safety presentation at the annual Spring Field Day event and to six local community groups to raise awareness of the road safety issues that are affecting the Wheatbelt.

Road safety is a conscious priority in rural communities. We have a disproportionate number of traumatic road incidents per head of population, with 85 fatalities and 87 critical injuries on WA’s country roads this year alone. This is currently 25 deaths more than last year with a month left in the year. We believe many of these deaths are unnecessary and preventable.

Dalwallinu and the surrounding communities, like most rural communities are small, (with around 1,450 people in the shire). The whole community and wider regions is always affected by these road calamities, and all rural people have many stories and have been affected by someone who was not conscious of theirs and others safety on the road.

The Spring Field Day is held in September each year and is the perfect time to remind attendees of the importance of road safety and a reminder of potential consequences of not being safety conscious. September leads into a busy time of the year for all the growers, as harvest time starts, which means many heavy grain trucks and road trains driving on all community roads, including on gravel roads. During harvest the farmers and their families are working long hours and people can become fatigued if they are not conscious being safe.

Sam is not only presenting to an older audience (~20-65 years old) at the Liebe Group’s Spring Field Day, but we are also taking the opportunity for him to be available to the younger audience in the local schools around the area (ranging from year 1 – year 12 students). This gives a greater audience base to really drive this important message.

By supporting Sam’s attendance to these events we expect to reach approximately 700 adults and 300 students.







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