‘On the couch’ with Merrie

Look out Oprah the Liebe Group are the new force in talk back entertainment! During the Liebe Group’s annual dinner held on 16th of October 2012 valued member of staff Merrie Carlshausen interviewed 5 previous staff members about their time working at the Group.
The annual dinner is a chance for members to get together and celebrate Liebe’s success. The dedicated staff have been a part of this success and with this year being the group’s 15th anniversary, past staff members returned to Dalwallinu to reminisce the good times.


Amanda Just, Jill McGregor, Gavin Bignell, Emma Wilson and David Scholz were the 5 previous employee’s who shared their funny stories during the couch session. 

Snap shots from the last 15 years were brought out of the cupboard, demonstrating just how much hair some people had once upon a time.  Such is the nature of growers groups the staff members become good friends with local growers and many laughs were had over the course of the evening.

Thank you for all those involved.

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