Innovative lime incorporation at west Wubin

Project Commencement Date: June 2016

Project Completion Date: January 2018

Funding: This project is supported by the National Land care Programme – Sustainable Agriculture Small Grants Round 2015-2016.

Project Aim/Background

This project investigates the capacity of a recently released disc plough to incorporate lime, combating subsoil acidity. In 2015, the tandem offset disc plough, which has a working depth of 30-35cm, was used to incorporate lime over three soil types in the same rainfall zone.

This project seeks to quantify the following seasons’ soil/crop responsiveness to the deep lime incorporation using soil and tissue analysis, plant growth assessments, and yield.

The outcome of the project will be an improved understanding deep lime incorporation has on different soil types, subsequently leading to improved pH management decisions.

Project activities

Field walk to be held 7th July 2016. Click here for further information.

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