Growers critically analysing new technologies for improved farming systems

Funded by: Grains Research and Development Corporation

Duration: 2006-2009

This project increased the capacity and confidence of growers to make informed decisions by analysing the grower decision making process, conducting relevant demonstrations and providing information on new technologies.

The three technologies that the Liebe group focused on were

  • Soil health
  • Variation management (Precision agriculture and variable rate technology)
  • Innovative enterprise analysis

During this project an extensive survey was conducted on the adoption of new technologies in the Liebe area.  Results from this survey can be found in Technical Audit summary 2006-2009


The project also produced 19 case studies of local growers adopting a range of technologies including

  • Breeding goats
  • Farming oil mallee trees
  • Using the ‘Glenvar’ baling system to reduce weeds
  • Using precision agriculture
  • Growing beef to keep cropping
  • Smart Salinity management
  • Deep ripping
  • The road to controlled traffic

To view the case studies click the links below

‘Frameworks For Forward Farming’

‘Frameworks for Forward Farming #2’

The way in which growers make decisions is extremely complex and based on many financial, environmental, social and personal factors.  The Liebe group has captured the process 4 farming families went through when considering ,

  • Tramline farming
  • Leasing additional cropping land
  • Using a farm consultant

To find out what the growers decided click here  Adoption Improvement Package booklet

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