Main Trial Site 2017

The Liebe Group Main Trial Site for 2017 is located in west Buntine on Niribi Farms, kindly hosted by Mike and Narelle Dodd.

This site will host trials which aim to address local grower needs through research and development.

The trials will be presented at the annual Liebe Group Spring Field Day on 14th September 2017. The results from the trials are extended through the Liebe R&D Book at the end of the year.

Trials that are currently on the site for 2017 include:

Trial Lead Research Organisation
Wheat National Variety Trial Living Farm
Barley National Variety Trial Living Farm
Canola National Variety Trial – RR, TT & Clearfield® Living Farm
Lupin National Variety Trial Living Farm
Historical wheat demo: a showcase of over a century of wheat breeding DAFWA, Intergrain & Liebe Group
Efficacy and benefits of early fungicide application, for management of powdery mildew in three wheat varieties DAFWA
Tactical break crop agronomy – Canola time of sowing DAFWA
Canola herbicide systems – control of annual ryegrass Bayer, Imtrade, Nufarm and Syngenta
Comparison of pre-emergent grass control options in wheat Bayer, Imtrade, Nufarm and Syngenta
Timing of nitrogen applications and nitrogen use efficiency in current wheat varieties CSBP
Liquid UAN scorch assessment in wheat Elders Scholz Rural
Canola nitrogen responses Landmark
Nutrition management of cereals following canola Landmark
Incorporation of limed soil through various methods, soil pit demonstration: Deep ripper V inclusion plates V Tiny Grizzly Liebe Group/MTS Host
Fence line weed management  Nufarm
Managing Rhizoctonia bare patch – seed treatments  Arysta
Managing Rhizoctonia – in furrow solutions  4 Farmers

For more information on any of the above trials, please contact the Liebe Group office (08) 9661 0570.


Farmer Demonstrations

Farmer demonstrations are a great way for farmers to see how the latest innovations fit into their farming system and perform on a larger scale. Trials cover a range of topics including national variety trials, deep ripping, gypsum rates and herbicide efficacy.

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