Welcome to the concept of “knowledge partnerships“

Do you want to gain knowledge in an area you know another is skilled in? Do you want to increase your confidence assisting someone who is interested in your skills? Whether you are the mentor, mentee or both now is your opportunity to take part in exchanging your knowledge or improving your confidence.

“Knowledge Partnership” is a Rabobank initiative working with the Liebe Group members to creating opportunities for increased knowledge sharing and exchange, open co-operation between farmers and establishment of wider, stronger, networks – farmer to farmer.

This pilot program encourages members to benefit from learning others’ skills in the agricultural industry, increasing their confidence in specific areas, gaining greater communication skills, broadening their contacts and networks outside of the community and generally building self-assurance when providing others with their knowledge and abilities.

What does the pilot program involve?

The pilot program will involve developing one-to-one mentoring connections between members of the Liebe Group who will take part in a 9 month program involving face to face conversations, emails and/or phone calls with the aim of discovering new skills, knowledge and confidence.

Mentoring is a support network – a two way support network whether it is something you feel you want do better or something you could help others do better?

This program won’t be a one-way mentor mentee relationship – we know that there will be major benefits on both sides – it is well known that all our farmers have ideas, skill and support to share and everyone involved will learn and grow a great deal.

A list of examples you may be skilled in or are interested to learn more about include:

  • Being an executor of a Will
  • Basic Agrimaster, MYOB skills
  • Time management or organisational skills
  • Managing salinity on your farm
  • Basic succession planning skills
  • Biological farming
  • Variable rate technology implementation

The program will launch in July, with an interview and matching process followed by a half day introduction event. July 2015 – March 2016 the knowledge partnership program will involve a minimum of four contact sessions. At the conclusion of the project in March, an evaluation event will be held to gain feedback and recommendations for the future of the project.

Who can get involved?

This invitation extends to all Liebe Group members, and if successful Rabobank will expand the program throughout Australia and New Zealand. The initial group if successful will provide a feedback evaluation once the program is complete to ensure it is compatible to extend beyond the trialled region. There will be a limit of forty spots (twenty paired members) so ensure you get in early.

What do I need to do to register?

If you are interested in registering for this program as either a mentor or mentee (or both), please contact the Liebe office on (08) 9661 0570, registration is open now til June. This program is under strict confidentiality, once you register your interest you will receive participation forms and interviews and matching process will commence during June through to July.

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