Women have a field day in Dalwallinu!

Why do the people you work with do the things they do? When given the same question why do two people come up with completely different answers? These were some of the questions 2012 RIRDC Award winner Catherine Marriott asked ladies at the 16th annual Liebe Group Women’s Field Day.

Ms Marriott, who is also a director of Influential Women, spoke about methods to bring out the best of your family, business and local community. She gave the ladies an insight into the differences between introverts and extroverts, sensing and intuition, thinking and feeling and judging and perceiving, based on Myers-Briggs Personality Typing.  She spoke of the importance of portraying the positives of agriculture and having good discussions around the issues facing the industry.

The 2013 Liebe Group Women’s Field Day on the 18th June in Dalwallinu hosted a spectacular line up of speakers. While the 150 attendees were empowered and inspired, the day also provided technical presentations on business structures, succession, grain markets and the importance of liming.

Tracey Kippin, a Champion for OneLife Suicide Prevention WA spoke of her and her children’s life and struggles after her partner died from suicide. She spoke about the importance of being able to speak to your partner or friend and to ask the three following questions 1) Are you ok? 2) Have you ever considered suicide? 3) Do you have a plan? If they answered yes to the last two questions then it is important that they are supported to seek help. Tracey also reminded participants to never underestimate the power of one act of kindness; sometimes it’s as simple as a smile.

The field day is designed to increase the management capacity of women to build a sustainable future for their family, farm business and the agriculture industry.

With this kept in mind, all aspects of the day were coordinated by the Liebe Group’s Women’s Committee which consists of local ladies who are passionate about the future of their farms, the community and the agricultural industry.

Once again the Liebe Group would like to thank its Diamond Partners Rabobank, CSBP and RSM Bird Cameron and also the event sponsor of the day, CBH Group and OneLife Suicide Prevention WA for their continued support of what has become a very popular and informative event on the Liebe calendar.

Planning for next year’s event will commence shortly based on the feedback received from this year’s participants to ensure the group deliver a relevant and informative day out for all.

For more information on the day contact the office on (08) 9661 0570.

Women's Committee with guest speakers Caitlin Bassett and Lyn Beazley at the Women's Field Day
Women’s Committee with guest speakers Caitlin Bassett and Lyn Beazley at the Women’s Field Day






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