Women of Liebe – Heidi Carlshausen

Women of Liebe – Heidi Carlshausen

‘Women Of Liebe’ has followed various Liebe members throughout the year to celebrate their background, involvement, goals and aspirations living in the local agricultural region. Welcome to Heidi Carlshausen from Wubin.

In July 2017, we caught up with Heidi to chat about her involvement in her family farming business in Wubin, alongside her husband Geln Carlshausen.

I grew up in Mount Magnet, with my parents and three siblings.  I did all my primary schooling there and in Year 8 I went to boarding school in Geraldton at Nagle Catholic College. My parents then moved to Greenough and I continued high school as a day girl.

After completing Year 12, I went into Enrolled Nursing at Geraldton Tafe. It was at this point in time I met a Wubin boy named Geln. After completing my nursing I moved to Dalwallinu and started working at the hospital in January 2001. Working in Dalwallinu at a young age I was mentored by some extremely intelligent and incredible people. I am so grateful for the people I met, as it gave me an insight into farming and what farmers go through both physically and emotionally. In 2006 Geln and I got married and in October that year we welcomed our first baby Ollie. We thought we quite liked babies so over the next 6.5 years we also welcomed Mia, Indi and Darcy.

Our Farming enterprise consists of three families, Ron and Merrie (parent in-laws), Blayn and Sophie (brother and sister in-law) and Geln and myself. Not coming from a farming background   everything  was new for me, but from the very beginning I have always been included and valued as a farming partner and could be involved as much as I wanted. My roles are cooking seasonally for workman, which I share with Sophie. We have a roster doing our cash book, and I help whenever called upon to move, take lunches and whenever they need a hand. We also have regular farm business meetings where I feel I bring a diversity of ideas and opinions.

I love living in Dalwallinu and that our children have the freedom and space of the country to grow up. I love that everyone knows everyone and we all look out for one another. I have great friends and family and feel lucky to be living on this part of the planet where I am safe, loved and happy.

My in-laws have been involved in the Liebe Group as long as it’s been around. I knew a little, but it wasn’t until I went to my first Women’s Field Day in 2006 that I was blown away. I actually didn’t realise how complex farming is!

Being on the Women’s Committee has taught me so much about farming from paddock to paperwork, how to be a resilient woman, grow my communication skills, working with other women out of  my  comfort  zone  but  in  a supported and encouraging environment.

Who Inspires Me?
All   different people inspire me for all sorts of reasons. I’m lucky to be surrounded by lots of strong women and men, even my little people who a lot of the time drive me nuts inspire me to be a great mum. People who help others, people who are under a lot of pressure that can stay level headed, fair, factual and control their emotions and continue to work effectively and efficiently (I’m such an emotional person, I cry happy, sad, and angry but I’m working on it!). My husband is very good at this. People who are passionate about what they are doing and believe in themselves and people who can continue to get up every day even though life sometimes throws you a curve ball!

My Goals
My  goals  are  to  help  continue to grow a successful healthy farming business, continue to build my own knowledge in farm business , to raise my beautiful children into strong resilient loving happy people and to continue to be happy and healthy and living life to its fullest.

Funniest Moments This Year
I love to laugh, stupid jokes and playing tricks on people. My kids make me laugh every day.  One  that comes to mind is a recent birds and the bees talk, I’ve always tried to be open and honest giving the kids information relevant to age, anyway funny long story short, when explaining how babies were made I crumbled mid story and said “Well you know how the guinea pigs mate, that’s what humans do too”. (I was mortified at what I had just said and so was my 9yr old). Ps I have since rectified the situation with actual human facts!


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