Wongan Hills R&D Meeting

Growers in the Wongan Hills district recently got together to discuss the farming issues affecting them and what R&D is required to address these issues.

The forum was facilitated by Liebe Group staff members Merrie Carlshausen and Chris O’Callaghan, with contributions from Imma Farre from DAFWA, Dave Minkey from the WA no till farmers association and Peter Newman also from DAFWA.

Some of the issues that were raised in the meeting were with crop establishment and the impact of non wetting soils in canola in particular. Weed control and herbicide resistance was a big issues for the group as well as soil health issues such as sodicity and aluminium toxicity. Other issues included crop nutrition decisions around Nitrogen application as well as the longer term implications of running down nutrients particularly trace elements.

As a result of the meeting a few trial and demonstration ideas were developed including variety demonstrations of wheat and barley under different nutrient regimes, longer term implications of running down trace elements, soil inversion for weed control and lime incorporation and the extension of the crop modelling tool Yield Prophet to assist with nutrient decisions.

A small reference group was identified to assist Liebe Group staff with the development of the small R&D program with the aim to establish at least 2 of the demonstration ideas in 2012.


More information to follow.

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